Sunday, June 12, 2011

did u ever ponder?

have u ever sat down and thought about the people who are tearing down the rainforests?  do they ever think about what they're doing? i mean those trees are cooling the earth down there. i mean the equater is a very hot place it needs to be cooled there. ne way if u guys were ever in eighth grade you guys now about how heat travels and conductors and stuff like that and earth is a damn good conductor it conducts heat from the sun! i mean u kno how far away that is! i mean really does ne one kno all i kno is that its many light-years away. but still what a conductor! ne way its heating everything, not just the equator. thats why the icecaps are melting. so the people who n charge of destroying the rainforest will in charge of drowning all the people in florida because of the rising sea level. i wonder if they kno that. what about all the polar bears have they seen the pictures of then sitting on tiny pieces of glaciers. well so umm... just pondering
bye now!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Japan:Tara Reed

i am not a follower but i just needed to say this is great what u guys r tryin to do here. strenghth in numbers people. no matter what keep trying dont stop.

okay about japan, i think this is a back lash from mother  earth sayin " see what i can do" i think we should try to keep her happy that s all.

um well on her other blog she does this
hey question:
what do u think these angels can do to help japan?

Tara reed

Friday, March 4, 2011

town hall meeting!

  so during class last week, we had a you guessed it, town hall meeting. the subject was what kind of energy should we use. yeah you know i would be all over this. well i waited the appropiate amount of time before standing up and giving my opinion. i also wanted to hear all the poeples opinions so i could shoot them down or agree strongly. i was pro renewable everything. of course the big topic seemed to be nuclear energy. im sorta pro like once they figure out how to like contain the the nuclear waste and radirion and stuff like that. also they could use certain types of energy in certain types of places. like wind energy in the windy city.and solar in san diego. i mean there were tons of great ideas but if you have any ideas i found a great website where you can send a letter to the whitehouse there

Monday, January 17, 2011

i positively thought there was no hope

a year ago i was sad because i thought there was no hope. i thought we were gonna live in poluttion for the rest of my life i'm thinking about having kids in about 13 more years and i thought i had to leave them with the burden of filthy water and global warming. but i realized if there enough people like me the world is gonna get alittle bit better.

Monday, January 10, 2011

ANGEL certificate yeahhh

Gabrielle Lewis


Creator of the BAAS project
Gabrielle Lewis

Thank you for being an Angel J <3

my trekk to become eco-friendly

i already told you i'm an angel so you ca be proud of me in that way.but i havent told you about this journey........
  so a week ago my mom broke it to me that i needed to start taking the bus. after a couple days i realized... its the worst. my bus driver hates me and i walk to the bus stop everyday in the blistering cold when i could ask of a ride from my mother but i say go the mile quarter mile actually and walk.

i take the bus which is less gas being let out into the eco system. also i walk i walk home from the bus stop and everything so i guess its for a good cause.

fun fact: even if we didnt have cars and still went places on horses and stuff we'd still  be as in a rut a we are now because of all the horse farts and dung and all the gas it gives off. bleck. but you know what i think, were just doubling the amount of pollutants in our air by driving cars and having cars in general if we just had horses we'd cut down on half of the gas given off by transportation.

get ride of a car save a horse

have a nice day

Friday, January 7, 2011

the first angel yahhhh

well see its not  that exciting ccuz im the one who earned da wings from myself. okay no that exciting. but still so exciting. so i get a certificate of wings and i will post it so u can see it and it will be awesome andd u will love so please get moving. i dont wanna be the only one ugh get out there and read my blog pleaseeeeee.

 i'd like to promote my other blog its my personal blog so um yeah its awesome i guess its about my life nice its pretty comical i guess. but yeah

but yeah so umm i got one question:

if tmobile asked your school if they could put a cellphone tower up next to your school in exchange for about 10,000 smackaroonies for your school to use on what ever you wanted ,would you be for it or against it.
before answering HELLYEAH thing of the pros and cons yeah lots of money but think about the actually cellphone tower and how will affect you as a person and your well being. then answer HELLYEAH  or HELLNO and i want you to answer it just like that as a comment and at my poll im about to put up

and if anyone asks yes this is environmental