Sunday, June 12, 2011

did u ever ponder?

have u ever sat down and thought about the people who are tearing down the rainforests?  do they ever think about what they're doing? i mean those trees are cooling the earth down there. i mean the equater is a very hot place it needs to be cooled there. ne way if u guys were ever in eighth grade you guys now about how heat travels and conductors and stuff like that and earth is a damn good conductor it conducts heat from the sun! i mean u kno how far away that is! i mean really does ne one kno all i kno is that its many light-years away. but still what a conductor! ne way its heating everything, not just the equator. thats why the icecaps are melting. so the people who n charge of destroying the rainforest will in charge of drowning all the people in florida because of the rising sea level. i wonder if they kno that. what about all the polar bears have they seen the pictures of then sitting on tiny pieces of glaciers. well so umm... just pondering
bye now!