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Friday, December 31, 2010

Just something

hey, so today, well i didnt go with her, but my mom bought all of the news years stuff from trader joes. just t make sure you know but trader joes uses brown paper bags those are definitly better and more decomposable than plastic ones, most of the paper material they uses  in there is recycled. oh! and one other thing all the fruit and veggies and stuff is organic, and the frozen food is made organically! im so excited about the new year i hope everyone tries to be more conciencious toward the earth.

as you may have noticed i dont quite use proper grammar and spelling n these post but as long as its getting the word out im fine im not trying impress anyone with how great and perfect my blog is but its just good i have one.


Thursday, December 30, 2010

My start on becoming an angel yeah im trying too.

i bought in bulk

using a laptop

natural chips

look at my phone charger its almost never unplugged

brita filter the best thing ever

all of my rags

my current one i know its filthy

checking the triangle

this is my start for some people doing some things my be hard like:
carpooling so buses are fine
alot of people dont drink canned soda so just recycling is just as  good
almost nobody reads newspaper so just recycling paper is awesome to
alot of people say i dont have a recycling bin. RECYCLE AT SCHOOL
organics arent that hard to find traders joes and just the organic aisles in grocery store are just fine

I take the bus.
at sleepovers me and my friends share a ride and take each other home.
we shop more at traders joes than anything.
and im spreading the word by this blog and you can spread the word by influencing others to become angels

To be come an angel

to reduce:
  1. buy in bulk
  2. use natural cleaners
  3. share a ride
  4. use a computer instead of paper information
  5. get unplugged ( when your finished with your electronics unplug then. unplug your phone charges, your computers, your coffee makers EVERYTHING)

  1. buy reusable products
  2. clean spills with cloth

  1. recycle your cans
Look inside the trianglePlastic can only be recycled a limited number of times. Plastics labeled with #1 or #2 are most easily recycled, so look for a number inside the triangle on the bottom of most plastic containers.

   3.   recycle the newspaper
live healthily

  1.  buy organic food
  2. spread the word ( please everyone needs to know)

send me an email with proof youve done all of these things and you name could go up on the angel list you will alsso be sent (by email) a certificate of wings

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

THE beginning

 I started with a vision to save the earth and so does everyone, but not everyone succeeds.  I'm planning on succeeding with the help of you. By contacting me at I will send a llist of 50 simple things to do to save the Earth. This email contains all the info on how to earn your wings. I havn't earned mine yet so we'll be doin this together. When you earn your wings you can get a chance to have your name on the blog with any grand thing you did that was outside of the requirements. But, in addition there will a list of all the angels updated every week. I hope u join me inmakng a change.