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Thursday, December 30, 2010

To be come an angel

to reduce:
  1. buy in bulk
  2. use natural cleaners
  3. share a ride
  4. use a computer instead of paper information
  5. get unplugged ( when your finished with your electronics unplug then. unplug your phone charges, your computers, your coffee makers EVERYTHING)

  1. buy reusable products
  2. clean spills with cloth

  1. recycle your cans
Look inside the trianglePlastic can only be recycled a limited number of times. Plastics labeled with #1 or #2 are most easily recycled, so look for a number inside the triangle on the bottom of most plastic containers.

   3.   recycle the newspaper
live healthily

  1.  buy organic food
  2. spread the word ( please everyone needs to know)

send me an email with proof youve done all of these things and you name could go up on the angel list you will alsso be sent (by email) a certificate of wings

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