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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My start on becoming an angel yeah im trying too.

i bought in bulk

using a laptop

natural chips

look at my phone charger its almost never unplugged

brita filter the best thing ever

all of my rags

my current one i know its filthy

checking the triangle

this is my start for some people doing some things my be hard like:
carpooling so buses are fine
alot of people dont drink canned soda so just recycling is just as  good
almost nobody reads newspaper so just recycling paper is awesome to
alot of people say i dont have a recycling bin. RECYCLE AT SCHOOL
organics arent that hard to find traders joes and just the organic aisles in grocery store are just fine

I take the bus.
at sleepovers me and my friends share a ride and take each other home.
we shop more at traders joes than anything.
and im spreading the word by this blog and you can spread the word by influencing others to become angels

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