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Friday, January 7, 2011

the first angel yahhhh

well see its not  that exciting ccuz im the one who earned da wings from myself. okay no that exciting. but still so exciting. so i get a certificate of wings and i will post it so u can see it and it will be awesome andd u will love so please get moving. i dont wanna be the only one ugh get out there and read my blog pleaseeeeee.

 i'd like to promote my other blog its my personal blog so um yeah its awesome i guess its about my life nice its pretty comical i guess. but yeah

but yeah so umm i got one question:

if tmobile asked your school if they could put a cellphone tower up next to your school in exchange for about 10,000 smackaroonies for your school to use on what ever you wanted ,would you be for it or against it.
before answering HELLYEAH thing of the pros and cons yeah lots of money but think about the actually cellphone tower and how will affect you as a person and your well being. then answer HELLYEAH  or HELLNO and i want you to answer it just like that as a comment and at my poll im about to put up

and if anyone asks yes this is environmental

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