Monday, January 10, 2011

my trekk to become eco-friendly

i already told you i'm an angel so you ca be proud of me in that way.but i havent told you about this journey........
  so a week ago my mom broke it to me that i needed to start taking the bus. after a couple days i realized... its the worst. my bus driver hates me and i walk to the bus stop everyday in the blistering cold when i could ask of a ride from my mother but i say go the mile quarter mile actually and walk.

i take the bus which is less gas being let out into the eco system. also i walk i walk home from the bus stop and everything so i guess its for a good cause.

fun fact: even if we didnt have cars and still went places on horses and stuff we'd still  be as in a rut a we are now because of all the horse farts and dung and all the gas it gives off. bleck. but you know what i think, were just doubling the amount of pollutants in our air by driving cars and having cars in general if we just had horses we'd cut down on half of the gas given off by transportation.

get ride of a car save a horse

have a nice day

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